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These mats are made of 100% Polyurethane foam, designed with the need for a quick rebound and the right softness to create the feeling that one is walking on air.

Our mats are extremely lightweight, the 2' x 3' mat weighs approx. 5 lbs.  The mats are designed with a 5/8" thickness of foam and the edges have a 2:1 molded beveled edge to prevent tripping as found with other stiff and heavier mats.

Standing for long periods of time is not healthy for the back and neck and can lead to spine and joint problems.  The benefit of a good anti fatigue mat is to insulate the body and act as a shock absorber.

Most mats vary from 1/4" to 1 1/4" and customers believe in the myth that thicker is better, but this is not the case and should not be used when choosing to purchase your mat.

There is a 5 year limited warranty.  Mats clean easily with mild soap and water.  Do not use any abrasive products including bleach or ammonia.

Pricing is a follows:

1.5' x 2.5' - $65.00
3' x 2' -       $93.00
Plus shipping and taxes
These mats are our most popular however we do have other sizes available.

To order please contact us by

Email:  or
Toll Free:  877.808.6522

All mats are made in British Columbia Canada
Introducing UNIQUE Therapeutic Mats
   1.5' wide X 2.5' long  $65.00        
    2'wide X 3' long        $93.00 
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Shopping with us is fun  
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